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this post is endless amusement “i know who anna is because she has freckles!!! rapunzel has distinctive teeth!!!” and they like, genuinely believe this is good character design 

Start bitching about something else

question: if you believe i am not doing anything which will affect a social status quo and instead just whining then what the fuck exactly do you believe you are doing? is it weird, like, mentally to realize you’re doing the online equivalent of running up to complete strangers having a conversation and yelling HEY WHY DON’T YOU BITCH ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE! do you feel this is endearing public behavior? when you wrote out this post, did you honestly assume I was complaining because I was very clear I was finding amusement and humor in the situation.

is it easy acting like an insufferable asshat or are you putting a lot of time and effort into this because i think i’d feel 

extra accomplished this morning if i made you waste your precious life with all the extra effort you had to put into reblogging me and telling me to shut up because talking is meaningless. like instead of just ignoring a group of people whose actions you believe are stupid or pointless you have actually wasted your life by trying to go up to them and give ‘em a good old “quit yer bitchin’.” 

i’m looking at who is wasting their valuable time here, and i don’t think it’s me. 

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The Golden Age of Children’s TV, the 90’s.

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Nikita Meme - [3/9] characters ⇢ Ryan Fletcher

A low-level analyst who was killed, resurrected in a hole filled with criminals and murderers. A low-level analyst who’s gone up against the MSS, FBI, CIA, ordered heads of state executed, even kidnapped the President of Uzbekistan from inside the White House. All while living under the threat that someone like you would come in here and put a bullet in my head. So believe me when I tell you, Vasquez, that file you read is in desperate need of revision.

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Like people on here forget that it’s one thing to be like “yo, I remember when this person really showed their ass hence why I don’t Fuck with them”

And another to constantly talk about how terrible that person is when people bring them up and to forever trumpet their past wrongs

If you don’t like someone tumblr savior their name and keep it moving

There’s like fifteen bloggers on here I hate and thanks to the magic of tumblr savior I never have to see their posts

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I just came to the conclusion that my feelings towards Jane are the exact opposite of my feelings towards Lilly (and to some extent Kenny). I mean it’s basically like this:

Lilly: I like you but dammit you are such a little shitbaby.

Jane: You are such a little shitbaby but dammit I like you.

One thing they do have in common though is that both had a lot of potential and are incredibly interesting characters to think about and I’m pretty sure that’s what draws them to me.

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i did this for you! i can’t do this alone, okay? is that what you wanna hear? 

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Tomorrow is another day, and you won’t have to hide away. You’ll be a man, boy.

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I don’t know what TWDG fans have been doing, but did no one ship these two and call it



We actually do call it that!

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i need an fma au fic where mustang is gender swapped. and only mustang. basically i just want lesbians.

Here ya go!

#royai #fma #fmab #hey margo gving you more fans for your lesbians au! #it's not a fic but it's the next best thing